March 1, 1968, at 12:05am, Frankie Fultz was born. Not wanting him to be born a leap-year baby, his mother held him back for a few minutes so he could be born on the first. That was the last time anyone held him back from anything. From the beginning, Frankie was quiet and kept to himself. His troublesome childhood led him to wanting to be alone creating his own imaginary world.

At age 6, he was in a terrible car accident, which left him in the hospital for several weeks. That was the first time he picked up a pencil and started drawing, having no idea he had a natural gift. In elementary school, Frankie joined the band, starting with the clarinet. He learned how to read music and worked hard earning him first chair. He continued his interest in music and learned more instruments including baritone, saxophone, flute and various percussions.

In high school, he led the marching band and retained the lead chair in the school orchestra. He also started earning money with his artistic abilities making greeting cards and school flyers by hand. He was able to pay for his senior year activities with the money he made. In addition to his music and art, Frankie held leading roles in all the school plays, participated on the swimming team, track team, palm squad, and baseball team. He did all that and more, while maintaining a grade point average of 3.9. After graduating, instead of going off to college Frankie had to work to save money.

“Growing up in an unstable household, makes me appreciate the small things in life, like having real milk and sugar to go in your cereal. Having to eat powdered milk and eggs can really make you love real food". Frankie Fultz exemplifies that passion and hard work can lead to self-fulfilling success.

He worked at the Fudgery, where his job was to sing while making fudge. In the meantime, his brother had a recording studio, and of course with an interest in music, Frankie soon began to make this another study. Being in the studio introduced him to a new world of production. Frankie met Mike Banks of Underground Resistance, who hired him to design a label for an album cover. After seeing how talented Frankie was, Mike Banks brought him down to his office and sat Frankie in front of a computer and said, “I don't know anything about this computer, so you have to learn it on your own." Frankie learned all he could about computers and computer graphics by reading books.

That was the beginning of his graphic design career. Being in the offices of Underground Resistance, a techno-music label, Frankie found himself a new interest. He began to learn everything he could about techno music. Before he knew it, Frankie was creating techno-music and had a new love. And now after more than 15 years, Frankie has his own graphic design company and recording studio. Frankie has been very successful in his endeavors but remains humble and appreciative of his accomplishments.